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California State Preschool Program (CSPP)

California State Preschool Program (CSPP)

Assembly Bill 2759 (Chapter 308, Statutes of 2008) created the California State Preschool program. This program consolidated the funding for State Preschool, Prekindergarten and Family Literacy, and General Child Care center-based programs serving eligible three- and four-year-old children to create the California State Preschool Program, the largest state-funded preschool program in the nation. The program provides both part-day and full-day services that provides a core class curriculum that is developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate for the children served. The program also provides meals and snacks to children, parent education, referrals to health and social services for families, and staff development opportunities to employees. The program is administered through local educational agencies, colleges, community-action agencies, and private nonprofit agencies.

The California State Preschool Program part-Day (3 hrs per day)/full day (6.5 hrs per day) is an educational program for children ages three and four years old, with priority given to four-year-olds. The CSPP Part-Day Program provides personalized learning experiences before children enter kindergarten.


LOCATIONS:  District Wide


HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday through Friday during the 175 day school year, Part day: two sessions offered daily (A.M. or P.M.), 3 hours each session and full day: one 6.5 hour session offered daily

WHO QUALIFIES: Families at or below 70% of state median income. Fees are not required.

ELIGIBILITY:  Children ages three and four as of September 1 of the school year, with priority given to four-year-olds.  


ENROLLMENT: A family must complete a recruitment form and provide required documentation.