Volunteer Opportunities

2023- 2024

Instructions for Volunteers


 Steps to become a volunteer with Hemet Unified School District Preschool Program

  1. Complete a Volunteer Application Form. These are available from the Preschool Volunteer Coordinator or on our website at preschool.hemetusd.org. (HUSD employees will be required to complete the application and provide a valid Driver’s License).

  2. All NEW volunteers, need to go to Hemet USD Health Services and complete a TB Questionnaire. You will also need proof of your flu vaccine or waiver, pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine, and measles vaccine. If you are a RETURNING volunteer, you should already have the results of your TB clearance on file at the school site. TB clearances are good for four years.

  3. Return the completed volunteer application form and TB clearance to the preschool office at which time you will be given a Live Scan form and be scheduled for a fingerprint appointment.

  4. Preschool volunteers will also need to have fingerprint clearance with the California Department of Justice and FBI. Fingerprints remain on file until you are no longer interested in volunteering at Hemet Unified. Fingerprint clearances from other agencies are NOT acceptable for our use at Hemet Unified.

  5. If you need to be fingerprinted you will need to bring a Live Scan form (obtained from the Preschool Parent Volunteer Coordinator, current photo identification, and payment (unless your school site is picking up the cost, in which case you need to bring a charge slip provided by the preschool) to your fingerprint appointment.

  6. Once fingerprinting is complete, return a copy of the Live Scan form to the receptionist at the District Office, and a second copy to Preschool Volunteer Coordinator.

  7. Complete a Preschool Volunteer Orientation.

  8. The Preschool Volunteer Coordinator will notify your child's teacher when your fingerprints have cleared.




Hemet Unified School District Preschool Programs are delighted that you are considering becoming a Preschool parent volunteer.  We strive to support all our students and to deliver the very best education. A vital piece of that support is our parent volunteers.