HUSD is grateful for its Employees of Excellence!

We are proud to highlight the Valle Vista Annex Preschool Team.  Our committed educators blend creativity, compassion, and expertise to provide a stimulating learning environment where every child can thrive. From imaginative play to hands-on activities such as gardening, we tailor experiences that foster growth, curiosity, and a love for learning. With a passion for early childhood education, our team embodies patience, understanding, and a genuine enthusiasm for guiding each child's unique journey.

Together, we're not just shaping minds, we're building foundations for a lifetime of success. Thank you ladies for all you do!

Teachers: Christina Jiron (6.5 yrs), Lori Sandoval (15 yrs), Elise Salazar (4.5 yrs) and Instructional Aides: Jackie Stephenson (31 years) , Aubrianna Nix (1.5 yrs), and Cindy Salazar (1 yr).

Together, they have 60 years of combined experience!